* Watch famous Darjeeling Fog in this video:

Click Darjeeling Fog

* Entire Darjeeling suffers from acute water shortage. So make sure your hotel has 24 hrs water supply facility.

* Make sure your hotel has 24hrs geyser facility. Most don’t. Either they switch it on for 2 to 3 hrs per day or give hot water in buckets when asked, which may come at a price.

* Sight seeing can be done on share basis usually organized by hotel itself but do make sure how many points they will show and IF TRIP IS CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER, YOUR PAYMENT WILL BE REFUNDED. HOTELS AT TIMES, ARE NOT VERY ENTHUSIASTIC IN REFUNDING, ON GROUND THAT ONCE CAR IS BOOKED, HOTEL HAS TO PAY TO VEHICLE OWNER, TRIP OR NO TRIP.

* DARJEELING is not a clean city now. Accumulation of garbages, air heavy with exhaust smoke of too many cars plying on roads. Leisurely  strolls enjoying nature and birds are not for you in proper Darjeeling.

* Electricity is not very dependable.

* Though Mall area is well lighted, but other roads are not.

* Coming to Darjeeling from NJP or Silliguri won’t be a problem, since vehicles do trips on share basis but don’t be victims of con men and touts.

* Sight seeing of Darjeeling can be done in car on share basis, splitting total trip cost of 3500 or 4000 per passenger of a car with capacity of 8 or 10 but it depends on availability of tourists. Cost also varies according to time of year, on or off season. Small families can hire a taxi near mall for 2500 or less after hard bargain.