* No traffic order is visible ..

* Entire traffic situation is chaotic.

* Markets are very crowded.

* Some Auto drivers and rickshaw drivers are dishonest when it comes to showing all points to tourists.

* If your arrival or departure route is via U.P , BIHAR, then reserve AC coach Train tickets, because in reserved 2nd class sleepers, unreserved passengers board and make your journey very inconvenient !

* Enquire before journey, if all tourist spots are open for visitors during your stay there. In Lucknow , some tourists spots may be closed due to  maintainance.

* Keep in mind Muslim calendar holidays and festivals. Roads may be diverted or closed during some days.

* There are some total Hindu areas in Lucknow where all restaurants serve only veg foods.

Some lady tourists may find some locals staring at them, as if they are seeing women for the first time. Take it in your stride.

* Famous Bhoolbhoolaia is to be seen in bare feets which can be difficult for some since floor is uneven and made of stone.

* If you want to try delicacies of Lucknow like Gilauti kabaabs, Biryani, Gulabi Reuri and Sandila Laddu then don’t depend on local guides or car driver to take you there. They may take you to substandard restaurants for a commission. Use Google Search and Navigation to go to famous restaurants selling these for ages. Gulabi Reuri and other sweetmeats you can buy at a reasonable price within 2 km radius of Charbagh Rail Station.


Watch entire Pelling trip in YouTube , 4 minutes video, and plan beforehand, the spots you will add in your sightseeing list.

To watch video, click Pelling – Total Trip

From New Jalpaiguri or Silliguri , you have to take a car or bus ride. If you are a large group of 8 or 10 or more, then getting a car is not a problem, because Rs 4000 per trip can be conveniently divided per head. But if you are just two or three, better take Sikkim Nationalized Transport Bus service from Silliguri. Don’t fall into agent’s trap of package sightseeing offers at NJP or Silliguri. They include ride from NJP to PELLING at exceptionaly low price just to tempt you.

S.N.T BUS SERVICE FROM Silliguri chart is given here.

If you have to go from NJP to Silliguri, take local autos , after leaving station area. Autos and rickshaws parked near rail station ask for exorbitant fares.

SNT BUSES doesn’t give much halts during the 5 to 6 hours ride. So have your lunch and freshen up at SNT Canteen and Toilet before boarding bus.

There are no medicine shops in proper PELLING. Locals get o.t.c drugs from ration shop or go to Geyshing if they need medicine or doctor. Hence do carry your medicine box with you.

Except S.B.I bank and single ATM point, no other banks or A.T.Ms are there in PELLING till date. S.b.I ATM is not always very dependable.

If you are a small family, of two or three, then for sightseeing, you may have to book an entire car, instead of going On-Share rides. Small cars arranged for 8 to 9 hrs sightseeing arranged by hotel costs a minimum of Rs 3500. Monastery, Rimbi falls and River, Kanchenjunga falls, 2nd highest bridge of Asia are usually included in the package.

Tickets have to bought separately for visit to Khechiopari Lake, Highest bridge, Rimbi River and Kanchenjunga falls.

Frequent power cuts are a common feature of PELLING.


Sikkim roads are terrible. So from PELLING to Gangtok, prepare yourself for a 5 hours bumpy, jerky, risky ride.


* From Kolkata by train, you get off at Ramnagar. From their Tajpur is reached by Car. Make sure you call up your hotel and book a car. Otherwise all you have is local public transport not promising a very pleasant ride.
* There is an old forest through which you can walk straight ahead until you reach the sea beach. Make sure not to change directions or you may get lost in the forest. There are foxes in the forest and soft sand covered holes with water underneath.
* The entire area plan is quite simple. Four factors lie side by side. Hotels, road, forest, sea beach. 
* Cooking in hotel can be too spicy for your health. 
* The forest is a great spot for picnic but don’t be there after sunset.


* Present Puri proper is a box jam packed with shops, people, more shops and a sea beach.

* Strong lights of shops covering quite a large portion of beach area makes an awful lot of light pollution for you to appreciate the sea at night.

* The beach is dirty with waves bringing in at times, empty beer bottles, leftover food or chocolate wrappers etc.

* While sitting on beach, hawkers bother you every now and then with their wares.

* Camel riding, horse riding, shops on the beach have completely ruined the aesthetics of Puri beach.

* Food quality in Puri is poor. Rice is of cheap quality. In the many of most standard restaurants, there is an option called Fine Rice which costs more than normal rice. Well that Fine rice is also just passable. All snacks near beach area is over priced.

* Orissa / Odisha is not good for tourists, most being dishonest.

* The famous Jagannath Temple also has it’s own features which seemed unfair to commoners. Chart with rate for pujas are given, for Jagannath, Balaram and so on. You have to choose a package as per the chart. The minimum being 500 in the year 2009 ( if my memory serves me right ). For bhog you have to pay extra. Leather products are not allowed inside temple, so its better to carry things in fabric bags while visiting temple. And only HINDUS are allowed inside temple as per notification.


* Going to Digha by luxury bus from Kolkata can be a problem if you have bought tickets in advance because bus trips get cancelled now and then, and though you get a refund but that’s not the issue.

*  Old Digha as well as new is chok-a-block with hotels, cheaper as you move away from the beach.

*  Too crowded and conjested with restaurants, tourists, hawkers, shops and hotels.

*  Sitting by the beach, you will continuously be disturbed by hawkers of various items, from toys to snacks, blocking your view of the sea. This disturbance occurs every few minutes which is irritating to say the least.

*  Staying in a standard hotel, and calculation of total fooding and lodging cost reveals, that people in Bengal can comfortably go to bit far off place outside the state in that same budget.

*  Digha sea is rough with hidden undercurrent. Many have drowned before. Keep that in mind while swimming or bathing.

*  Plan to go to Digha by train. Its much better and convenient.

*  If you are disgusted with the crowdy Digha, head for a trip to Digha Mohona – a few hours journey from Old Digha. You will like it. Its the place where fishes are brought from sea and sold, so better to plan a trip when market is closed. That way you get a tranquil environment.

*  Udaypur beach, few hrs from Digha was a fascinating place couple of years ago but not anymore. Shops have cropped up on the beach, ruining the aesthetics. Same applicable for Talshari. 

*  Lingering too long at any desolate spot on any part of the beach, after sunset, with family or lady companion is not advisable.


* You have to take a car or auto from Berhampur station to reach Gopalpur On Sea. Don’t be fooled by touts at station area. Leave the area with luggage, walk a few yards to get your own auto.

* Beach is very dirty at places, locals relieve themselves at secluded spots.

* The landmark site , ruin of East India Company trading area beside beach, during British colonisation in India, has become a open for all latrine.

* Make sure the Light House is open for tourists. It may remain closed for security reasons.

* Hotels right on beach, offer you sea view but in-room facilities are not much.

*  Go for separate ordering of dishes for lunch or dinner in your hotel rather than going for Day Meal Packages. 

* From G.O.S , you can go for sightseeing by car, but packages are overpriced. Do some hard bargaining. 

* Insist on being served with total bill for all foods taken throughout the day in hotel, at the end of every day. This way, you can be clear of expenses incurred daily and one thing off your head.

* There are shops beside the road parallel to the beach, selling local crafts, but too pricey.

* Cooking standard is not at all up to the mark.

* Here electric supply is terrible.

* Hotels have a tendency not to switch on generator during power cut, if number of boarders are few. Demand refund if this is the case with you.

* My experience in Orissa belt is that most are dishonest and try to take advantage of tourist’s ignorance.


* Rice is of very substandard quality here, served in hotels and eating joints.

* Foods are excessively priced at proper Chandipur.

* Tourists have to get off from train at Balasore and take an auto to Chandipur. They are advised to ask the same auto to pick them up for station when leaving Chandipur On Sea.

* Lodging is available in OTDC Panthasala but there are few other hotels near by offering rooms at cheaper prices. Do check.