* No traffic order is visible ..

* Entire traffic situation is chaotic.

* Markets are very crowded.

* Some Auto drivers and rickshaw drivers are dishonest when it comes to showing all points to tourists.

* If your arrival or departure route is via U.P , BIHAR, then reserve AC coach Train tickets, because in reserved 2nd class sleepers, unreserved passengers board and make your journey very inconvenient !

* Enquire before journey, if all tourist spots are open for visitors during your stay there. In Lucknow , some tourists spots may be closed due to  maintainance.

* Keep in mind Muslim calendar holidays and festivals. Roads may be diverted or closed during some days.

* There are some total Hindu areas in Lucknow where all restaurants serve only veg foods.

Some lady tourists may find some locals staring at them, as if they are seeing women for the first time. Take it in your stride.

* Famous Bhoolbhoolaia is to be seen in bare feets which can be difficult for some since floor is uneven and made of stone.

* If you want to try delicacies of Lucknow like Gilauti kabaabs, Biryani, Gulabi Reuri and Sandila Laddu then don’t depend on local guides or car driver to take you there. They may take you to substandard restaurants for a commission. Use Google Search and Navigation to go to famous restaurants selling these for ages. Gulabi Reuri and other sweetmeats you can buy at a reasonable price within 2 km radius of Charbagh Rail Station.



* From Kolkata by train, you get off at Ramnagar. From their Tajpur is reached by Car. Make sure you call up your hotel and book a car. Otherwise all you have is local public transport not promising a very pleasant ride.
* There is an old forest through which you can walk straight ahead until you reach the sea beach. Make sure not to change directions or you may get lost in the forest. There are foxes in the forest and soft sand covered holes with water underneath.
* The entire area plan is quite simple. Four factors lie side by side. Hotels, road, forest, sea beach. 
* Cooking in hotel can be too spicy for your health. 
* The forest is a great spot for picnic but don’t be there after sunset.

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