* If you have a strong religious bend of mind, if you are a devotee then Dev bhoomi Haridwar is where you will be happy. If you are not, this place will seem boring.
* Temples are in abundance here. Visiting all is humanly impossible !
* Here even roadside eating joints prepare foods with pure ghee. Clarified butter is not always easy to digest.
* You can book seats in luxury bus for sight seeing from Haridwar to Rishikesh, Laxman Jhoola , Dehradun, Missouri, etc. Fare is quite cheap.
* Ram Jhoola, Laxman Jhoola are now concrete structures which has robbed them off the charm. Two wheelers ply on them, making it difficult to stand on the bridge and appreciate the scenery.
* There is no natural beauty left in Haridwar or journey from Haridwar to Rishikesh. Just hotels, temples, restaurants.
* Make sure you are visiting the place in winter, because summer is just unbearable.
* Har-ki-paudi ghat is not visually pleasing, but Ganga Aarti is. 
* Without inclination of hurting any religious sentiments or believer’s feelings, I will just add that as per media report,  it has been scientifically revealed : the holy water of Ganges flowing by Har Ki Paudi ghat contains various germs and Super Bug , so one should be cautious while taking a holy deep.
* Haridwar is a strictly vegetarian city. Rice served here is of very good quality.

* You should not wear dresses here that are revealing in nature, keeping in mind the conservative sentiment that prevails here. 




* Going to Digha by luxury bus from Kolkata can be a problem if you have bought tickets in advance because bus trips get cancelled now and then, and though you get a refund but that’s not the issue.

*  Old Digha as well as new is chok-a-block with hotels, cheaper as you move away from the beach.

*  Too crowded and conjested with restaurants, tourists, hawkers, shops and hotels.

*  Sitting by the beach, you will continuously be disturbed by hawkers of various items, from toys to snacks, blocking your view of the sea. This disturbance occurs every few minutes which is irritating to say the least.

*  Staying in a standard hotel, and calculation of total fooding and lodging cost reveals, that people in Bengal can comfortably go to bit far off place outside the state in that same budget.

*  Digha sea is rough with hidden undercurrent. Many have drowned before. Keep that in mind while swimming or bathing.

*  Plan to go to Digha by train. Its much better and convenient.

*  If you are disgusted with the crowdy Digha, head for a trip to Digha Mohona – a few hours journey from Old Digha. You will like it. Its the place where fishes are brought from sea and sold, so better to plan a trip when market is closed. That way you get a tranquil environment.

*  Udaypur beach, few hrs from Digha was a fascinating place couple of years ago but not anymore. Shops have cropped up on the beach, ruining the aesthetics. Same applicable for Talshari. 

*  Lingering too long at any desolate spot on any part of the beach, after sunset, with family or lady companion is not advisable.

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