* Going to Digha by luxury bus from Kolkata can be a problem if you have bought tickets in advance because bus trips get cancelled now and then, and though you get a refund but that’s not the issue.

*  Old Digha as well as new is chok-a-block with hotels, cheaper as you move away from the beach.

*  Too crowded and conjested with restaurants, tourists, hawkers, shops and hotels.

*  Sitting by the beach, you will continuously be disturbed by hawkers of various items, from toys to snacks, blocking your view of the sea. This disturbance occurs every few minutes which is irritating to say the least.

*  Staying in a standard hotel, and calculation of total fooding and lodging cost reveals, that people in Bengal can comfortably go to bit far off place outside the state in that same budget.

*  Digha sea is rough with hidden undercurrent. Many have drowned before. Keep that in mind while swimming or bathing.

*  Plan to go to Digha by train. Its much better and convenient.

*  If you are disgusted with the crowdy Digha, head for a trip to Digha Mohona – a few hours journey from Old Digha. You will like it. Its the place where fishes are brought from sea and sold, so better to plan a trip when market is closed. That way you get a tranquil environment.

*  Udaypur beach, few hrs from Digha was a fascinating place couple of years ago but not anymore. Shops have cropped up on the beach, ruining the aesthetics. Same applicable for Talshari. 

*  Lingering too long at any desolate spot on any part of the beach, after sunset, with family or lady companion is not advisable.



* You have to take a car or auto from Berhampur station to reach Gopalpur On Sea. Don’t be fooled by touts at station area. Leave the area with luggage, walk a few yards to get your own auto.

* Beach is very dirty at places, locals relieve themselves at secluded spots.

* The landmark site , ruin of East India Company trading area beside beach, during British colonisation in India, has become a open for all latrine.

* Make sure the Light House is open for tourists. It may remain closed for security reasons.

* Hotels right on beach, offer you sea view but in-room facilities are not much.

*  Go for separate ordering of dishes for lunch or dinner in your hotel rather than going for Day Meal Packages. 

* From G.O.S , you can go for sightseeing by car, but packages are overpriced. Do some hard bargaining. 

* Insist on being served with total bill for all foods taken throughout the day in hotel, at the end of every day. This way, you can be clear of expenses incurred daily and one thing off your head.

* There are shops beside the road parallel to the beach, selling local crafts, but too pricey.

* Cooking standard is not at all up to the mark.

* Here electric supply is terrible.

* Hotels have a tendency not to switch on generator during power cut, if number of boarders are few. Demand refund if this is the case with you.

* My experience in Orissa belt is that most are dishonest and try to take advantage of tourist’s ignorance.


* Rice is of very substandard quality here, served in hotels and eating joints.

* Foods are excessively priced at proper Chandipur.

* Tourists have to get off from train at Balasore and take an auto to Chandipur. They are advised to ask the same auto to pick them up for station when leaving Chandipur On Sea.

* Lodging is available in OTDC Panthasala but there are few other hotels near by offering rooms at cheaper prices. Do check.


* Watch famous Darjeeling Fog in this video:

Click Darjeeling Fog

* Entire Darjeeling suffers from acute water shortage. So make sure your hotel has 24 hrs water supply facility.

* Make sure your hotel has 24hrs geyser facility. Most don’t. Either they switch it on for 2 to 3 hrs per day or give hot water in buckets when asked, which may come at a price.

* Sight seeing can be done on share basis usually organized by hotel itself but do make sure how many points they will show and IF TRIP IS CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER, YOUR PAYMENT WILL BE REFUNDED. HOTELS AT TIMES, ARE NOT VERY ENTHUSIASTIC IN REFUNDING, ON GROUND THAT ONCE CAR IS BOOKED, HOTEL HAS TO PAY TO VEHICLE OWNER, TRIP OR NO TRIP.

* DARJEELING is not a clean city now. Accumulation of garbages, air heavy with exhaust smoke of too many cars plying on roads. Leisurely  strolls enjoying nature and birds are not for you in proper Darjeeling.

* Electricity is not very dependable.

* Though Mall area is well lighted, but other roads are not.

* Coming to Darjeeling from NJP or Silliguri won’t be a problem, since vehicles do trips on share basis but don’t be victims of con men and touts.

* Sight seeing of Darjeeling can be done in car on share basis, splitting total trip cost of 3500 or 4000 per passenger of a car with capacity of 8 or 10 but it depends on availability of tourists. Cost also varies according to time of year, on or off season. Small families can hire a taxi near mall for 2500 or less after hard bargain.

Diamond Harbour

* Plan a trip during winter season, the colder the better.

* Stay should be preferably in West Bengal Tourism or West Bengal Fishery Department Guest House , because they offer the best view of the river.

* This Harbour spot is a place for tourists as well as young couples looking for a few hours of intimacy and fun. Hotels and Guest Houses offer room to them charging by the hour. So if you are visiting with your family, don’t be offended if you are stupidly mistaken to have come for some cheap fun.

* Go on a trip to nearby Portuguese Castle or whatever remains of it.

* Couples booking a hotel room for few hours for fun and frolic is far more lucrative business than tourists booking it for days. Do the math. In former case entries are not made in register. So even in West Bengal Tourism Lodge Sagarika, manager and waiters are eager to know When You Are Leaving ( if you have booked via the official route ) .This can be very irritating.

* Food served in both Government Lodges mentioned above are good. 

* 3 days stay in Diamond Harbour is more than enough. Government Lodge bookings can be done from Kolkata.

* Private hotels are located a bit far from the river, so you may get good service but not the river view.

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