A hamlet. This mountainous village is just few kilometers from Kalimpong. If you are like most tourists of nowadays, trying to cover as many spots as you possibly can in your limited time and budget then avoid Echey Gaon. Just a one night stay here offers you nothing. You have to stay here for at least 3 days to experience the slow and rhythmic life of a mountainous village. Now comes the difficulties : You have to ask for hot water every time because geyser is not offered by any homestays here till date. Food is simple. Organic vegetables are no longer served in contrary to whatever you may have read on other websites. The reason being recent increase in HOMESTAY constructions, increase in tourist footfall and depletion of land for agriculture. Echey Gaon WAS a beautiful spot but at present its quite jam packed with homestays robbing its beauty. You won’t get much serenity in the evenings since rooms have paper thin walls and all conversations can be heard from adjacent room. Hindi and dance music played with campfire and booze served to entertain tourists, spoils the very purpose for which serious tourists go.  Sticking to mineral water is advisable which is overpriced here. So buy and carry from NJP or Silliguri. Room heaters are given if asked @ 200 or 300 per night. Avoid Lakshman Bhujel’s Marigold Homestay since Mr Bhujel is too shifty and offers room tariffs or car pickup or drop rates after sizing up tourists. The entire village is in slopes, so if your HOMESTAY is far up from the road then luggage has to be carried up. Coolies are provided by homestays but charged, particularly if you arrive in a group. So travel light.And carry medicines since its quite remote. After all things said, Echey Gaon still has a lot to offer. 

Watch this video I made to realize what Echey Gaon will offer you : 

Echey Gaon Video

Author: Swami Guptagyan

I want to connect with others, be enlightened by their opinions, be enriched by their philosophy. This journey in itself is my pursuit of happiness.

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