Diamond Harbour

* Plan a trip during winter season, the colder the better.

* Stay should be preferably in West Bengal Tourism or West Bengal Fishery Department Guest House , because they offer the best view of the river.

* This Harbour spot is a place for tourists as well as young couples looking for a few hours of intimacy and fun. Hotels and Guest Houses offer room to them charging by the hour. So if you are visiting with your family, don’t be offended if you are stupidly mistaken to have come for some cheap fun.

* Go on a trip to nearby Portuguese Castle or whatever remains of it.

* Couples booking a hotel room for few hours for fun and frolic is far more lucrative business than tourists booking it for days. Do the math. In former case entries are not made in register. So even in West Bengal Tourism Lodge Sagarika, manager and waiters are eager to know When You Are Leaving ( if you have booked via the official route ) .This can be very irritating.

* Food served in both Government Lodges mentioned above are good. 

* 3 days stay in Diamond Harbour is more than enough. Government Lodge bookings can be done from Kolkata.

* Private hotels are located a bit far from the river, so you may get good service but not the river view.


Author: Swami Guptagyan

I want to connect with others, be enlightened by their opinions, be enriched by their philosophy. This journey in itself is my pursuit of happiness.

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